Health & Safety Training

Health & Safety Training

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As an employer, you may be required by law to ensure your employees receive appropriate health and safety training. Making sure staff members are effectively trained in health and safety procedures is extremely important for employers.    

Qualify Training will make sure the correct knowledge needed is provided to course attendees. Alongside information regarding the systems to be implemented in the workplace. Guaranteeing accurate guidance is given to learners to create a healthy and safe working environment for all persons affected by the business’s activities.   

Qualify Training offers Level 2 and 3 H&S courses. Level 2 is for Employees and 3 for those in a senior position such as Managers and Supervisors. Those achieving an award at their relevant level will develop the appropriate knowledge and attitude to contribute to an organisation’s safe operation.    

These qualifications are designed to educate on preventative approaches to hazards and in promoting a positive culture. They are also designed to ensure that all employees at any level of a business’s organisation are aware of their own responsibilities and how they contribute to the effective maintenance of health and safety policies.   

Both Health and Safety Course Levels include fantastic training materials that Qualify Training thinks your learners will love when taking this qualification.   

H&S Level 2    

This qualification is designed to provide learners with knowledge of the basic health and safety practices essential in the workplace.   

Providing learners with an understanding of the responsibilities of employers and employees, the benefits of good health and safety, steps to a risk assessment, and how they can reduce accidents, near misses and ill-health, typical hazards and controls in a workplace. As well as the common causes of accidents, near misses and ill-health, emergency procedures and the importance of recording accidents, near misses and ill-health.   

H&S Level 3 (Managers and Supervisors)   

This qualification is for learners who are either working in the capacity of supervisor, manager, or team leader or those who are preparing to begin working at this level.   

Providing learners with an understanding of the legislation, the benefits of using a safety management system, the principles of risk assessments, hazards, and risk control methods.