The UK law requires alcohol sales on licensed premises to be made or authorised by a personal licence holder known as a Designated Premise Supervisor. However licensed premises are now further evidencing their responsible retail of alcohol by training staff, developing their knowledge and evidencing their compliance with the laws.Individuals applying for a personal licence must hold an accredited licensing qualification such as the HABC Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH) which is the personal licence holder training that we offer.

The qualification has been designed to meet the statutory requirements of the Licensing Act 2003. Furthermore, whilst comprehensively covering the full framework as set down by the Government, our personal licence qualification is extremely straight-forward, user-friendly and free from unnecessary jargon. It also provides excellent value for money without compromising on quality.

The aim of this qualification is to provide candidates with essential knowledge of the legal framework surrounding the sale of alcohol in England and Wales. This includes key information on the responsibilities of personal licence holders, duties of the Designated Premises Supervisor, the role of licensing authorities and police powers regarding licensed premises.

Achievement of the qualification forms an essential part of the personal licence application and will enable those selling or authorising alcohol sales to operate both legally and responsibly.

Protect your staff, your company and your community

A licensed premises must have at least one personal licence holder. This course covers the knowledge required to achieve a level 2 award for personal licence holders.

  • Understand licensing law and enforcementEnsure an understanding of the required laws and enforcement of licensing
  • Learn what a personal licence is and who needs oneGrasp the ins and outs of personal licensing and why you need it
  • Know how to apply for a premises licenceBe in the best possible position to apply for your premises licence
  • Ensure the protection of childrenUnderstand the measures required to ensure the protection of children
  • Prepare for temporary eventsDon’t stress about the organisation of events by getting the right knowledge
  •  Ensure responsible retailingKnow the importance of following alcohol retailing responsibility regulations

We now offer a remote learning option including examination for this course- contact us for more information!